Violence Prevention eLearning

Empowering students to Be Wise

Our eLearning suite delivers an engaging wellbeing program to students, teaching them about social violence. These five powerful lessons are truly transformative—empowering students to make wise decisions.

Informed by feedback from teachers and aligned to the Victorian curriculum for Respectful Relationships, this eLearning course is a purpose-designed school resource that directly supports wellbeing and personal development curriculum delivery in secondary schools.

5 steps to violence prevention - e-learning - Pat Cronin Foundation

Help your school drive positive behavioural change

Violence is a community problem that needs a community solution.

Help your student community look out for each other

It’s not just an issue for boys, or men, or girls, or women. We all have a role to play.

Help students learn the life skill of conflict resolution

Teach them respect, risk awareness, and emotional control when they need it most.

Help your teachers manage behavioural issues

It takes a village to raise a child. Let’s give teachers all the support they need.

Wise Words from Principal of Whitefriars College, Mark Murphy

The power of this course lies in the authenticity of the story. The fact is that Pat was caught up in an awful moment that could happen to anyone. While this eLearning course highlights Pat’s story, it also uses positive messages to encourage students to think about how they can navigate potentially challenging environments.”

What’s included?

Preview the five eLessons for Violence Prevention

Lesson #1

Consequences of Violence

Help your students realise the impact of violence on a victim, the perpetrator, friends and family.

Read lesson topics and learning outcomes

Lesson #2

End The Coward Punch

Empower your students to stop the one act of violence that is responsible for too many deaths, irreversible injury and disability.

Read lesson topics and learning outcomes

Lesson #3

Managing Anger

Challenge your students to reflect on what makes them angry, and how to manage emotions and reactions that could become aggressive.

Read lesson topics and learning outcomes

Lesson #4

Risk Awareness and Avoidance

Arm your students with tools to assess situational risks and make wise decisions.

Read lesson topics and learning outcomes

Lesson #5

Responding to Social Violence

Help your students recognise and react to violence they may be faced with in social settings.

Read lesson topics and learning outcomes

Key information for schools

Lesson lengthLessons vary, averaging 20–30 minutes
Year level suitabilityDesigned for Years 7–12
Flexible usageUse for an unlimited number of students, across all year levels, for 12 months from the date of purchase
Can be embedded in schools’ Wellbeing curriculum deliveryCovers key personal and social capability topics. See Victorian Curriculum links here, and the Australian Curriculum links here.

Support your teachers with a comprehensive resource

Violence Prevention e-Learning - Pat Cronin Foundation

Teachers need resources to facilitate the best possible wellbeing curriculum so they can build students’ social and personal capabilities.

  • Open students’ eyes to the impact of anger, aggression and violence
  • Introduce effective conflict management strategies
  • Set positive behavioural expectations
  • Start conversations that will genuinely make a difference
  • Foster safe environments for the school community

It felt so unreal and yet it is happening all over Australia. I’ve never thought that a person’s life could be over with a single action as simple as a single punch.”

Year 9 Student

eLearning Delivery

Engaging and compatible format

  • Animated lesson slides, real-world videos, and interactive engagement
  • Lessons progressively build students’ knowledge and understanding
  • Each lesson re-visits key messages to consolidate and reinforce learning
  • Content generates invaluable classroom discussion, reflection and action

Developed for the classroom

  • Fits into standard teaching periods with ample discussion time afterwards
  • Accessible at any time, allowing for in-class or at-home completion
  • Teachers can monitor and report on participation and engagement
  • Best done on individual devices with headphones, so students can independently complete the self-assessment and reflection slides
  • Option to also run as a whole class lesson

Your questions answered

Your school will have unlimited access to the Be Wise eLearning course for 12 months from purchase date, for an unlimited number of students across all senior students on a single campus.

The Pat Cronin Foundation aims to provide an optimistic voice to awareness and education about social violence. We offer affordable resources with unlimited student access per year, so together we can empower as many students as possible to create change through wise decisions.

The eLessons generally take students 20 - 30 minutes to work through independently. This leaves time for teachers to create opportunities for group or class discussion. We’ve found that break-through moments occur when students can come together to de-brief, reflect and agree on actions they can take.

The eLessons are completely flexible, to suit your schools’ delivery preferences. Some options include:

  • Mix & Match - work out which lessons are needed for your different cohorts or year levels, and deliver some or all of them in your own bespoke way.
  • Deliver at least 1 eLesson per Term - re-visiting these topics over the course of a year is valuable as the students grow and develop their social skills.
  • Choose 1 term to focus on Social Violence - make it a focussed theme for one term of wellbeing. This is particularly beneficial for schools tackling immediate behavioural concerns that are impacting their school community.

Schools receive a unique access URL and a passcode. The lessons are held on an external server, so schools do not need to download or house the lessons. Your students will use the same URL and passcode provided to log in and complete each lesson on their individual device such as computer or tablet.

Once a school signs up for the course, we will email:

  • Access instructions
  • Technical Support instructions
  • An information kit with teacher’s guide
  • A letter schools can provide to parents
  • Materials to support further discussion
  • Access link to a pre-lesson and post-lesson survey for students

The information kit will assist teachers, but some key actions are:

  • Inform students and parents about upcoming Be Wise lessons
  • Inform all teachers that interact with the student cohort, so that all teachers are prepared for students’ reactions or new conversations
  • Inform students how to access their school counselling service

The content of the eLearning course and lessons are designed to help schools fulfil their wellbeing and personal development delivery - especially for developing personal and social capabilities, and building respectful relationships. Schools can check their state’s curriculum for specific alignment.

Schools will be able to monitor aspects of participation. Students’ personal self-assessments and self-reflections within the interactive lesson slides are not recorded or tracked, so students can comfortably and privately interact with the lessons.

School leaders and budgetary decision makers benefit greatly from watching this video of Mark Murphy, Principal of Whitefriars College in Donvale, Victoria.
Simply copy and paste this link into an email to share the video: [sharable link]
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Before and after your students complete the lessons, Pat Cronin Foundation would like to anonymously survey students’ attitudes to social violence, to continue to research the best ways to tackle social violence and empower young people.

Become a Be Wise Accredited School and transform your culture. Join over 200 high schools that have started on the journey. Coming Soon.

When you purchase the eLearning, you are not required to book a Be Wise Presentation. However, we strongly recommend your school to book a Be Wise presentation in conjunction with the eLearning, as it is an excellent way for your students to learn from one of our knowledgeable presenters. Click here for more information on booking a Be Wise presentation.

The Be Wise presentation can take place at any time during the eLearning implementation process. We believe that viewing a Be Wise presentation before students begin the eLearning is beneficial because it provides an excellent introduction to the Be Wise message.