Lesson #4 — Risk Awareness and Avoidance

Empower your students to make wise decisions

Supporting schools to teach risk-based decision making

Addressing social decision-making is challenging for teachers, as it’s heavily influenced by emotions. This eLesson:

Equips teachers with a tool to teach students decision-making processes specifically to prevent and resolve physical conflict

Helps teachers use effective techniques of self-assessment and reflection, so students come to their own conclusions

Helps schools fulfil curriculum requirements for wellbeing and personal development, and school behavioural management strategies

If only our teens assessed risks like we do—with life experience and learned caution. But they don’t.

Your students perceive risks differently. Let’s teach them to identify and evaluate risks on their terms and in their social context.

Wise decision making takes practice. We all want students to see danger and avoid it. To choose a low tackle on the footy field, to say no to drugs, to step away from confrontation. This life skill is a must.

I used to only think about the risk after I did something risky. Not anymore.”

Lesson Preview

Risk Awareness and Avoidance

About this eLesson

Learning Topics

The science behind risky decisions, and how to make decisions based on assessing the risk

Risk-based decision-making of adolescents versus adults

The impact of violence – victims, perpetrators, family and friends

Being aware and responding to situations, people and signs of anger

Pat’s Story: a powerful glimpse into the reality of violence for young people

Learning Outcomes

Evaluate emotional responses

Students will consider the risks associated with emotional reactions

Demonstrate decision-making

Students will be able to respond to different situations in measured ways

Evaluate strategies to prevent conflict

Students will gain the life skills needed to ensure anger and aggression does not take young lives

Engagement Styles

Interactive slides

Giving students opportunities to rate their response to risks as they build their knowledge about risk-based decision making.

Information slides

Teaching students the facts.

Videos and stories

Providing the real-world context.

Discussion opportunity

Add value by getting student groups to come up with strategies for risky scenarios.

Lesson length25 – 30 minutes
Year level suitabilityYears 9 – 12. Can be decided by teachers after viewing content
Flexible usageUse for an unlimited number of students, across all year levels, for 12 months from the date of purchase
Can be embedded in schools’ Wellbeing curriculum deliveryCovers key personal and social capability topics. Check your state’s curriculum for specific alignment

eLearning delivery to suit your school’s needs

Developed to suit different schools’ needs, this eLesson:

Fits into a standard teaching period with ample discussion time afterwards. Expected completion time for this eLesson is 15-20 minutes.

Accessible at any time, allowing for in-class or at-home completion

Teachers can monitor and report on participation and engagement

Best done on individual devices with headphones, so students can independently complete the self-assessment and reflection slides

Teach them more than awareness and avoidance

Take your students through the Be Wise Violence Prevention journey. Equip your students with a full Be Wise skillset.

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Lesson 4: Risk Awareness and Avoidance

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