Act Kindly Activity Kit

Teacher Resources to Help Kids Be Wise

Develop Social Skills that Foster Safety and Respect

Early education about playground conflict helps kids learn to be wise, think carefully, and act kindly, so they grow into teenagers that make wise decisions.

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Act Kindly Activity Kit

Classroom-ready activities designed to support emotional literacy

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Act Kindly Activity Kit

Three purpose-written children’s books and classroom lesson plans from Foundation to Grade 6

Three hard copies of each storybook:

3 x Book 1: The New Playground

3 x Book 2: The Four Square Challenge

3 x Book 3: Footy Fever

Classroom Lesson Plan:

Foundation/Prep Lesson Plan

Grade 1–2 Lesson Plan

Grade 3–4 Lesson Plan

Grade 5–6 Lesson Plan

PLUS an ebook version of each storybook

PLUS Teacher’s resources to support the lesson plans

PLUS: digital badge and printable poster

Classroom-ready activities

Act Kindly Activity Kit

Teach life skills that matter

Contribute to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of students.

Support emotional literacy—early

The sooner we engage students, the better they can manage feelings and emotions.

Embed into wellbeing curriculum

Focus on respectful relationships and how behaviour impacts others. Aligned to the Victorian and Australian Curriculums.

Build a safe school for all

Support teachers dealing with unsafe playground behaviours.

“Relevant, Engaging and Age-Appropriate”

Hear from St Mary’s, Whittlesea, one of the first schools to take advantage of the Pat Cronin Foundation’s Act Kindly Activity Kit.

What’s Included?

Teachers will take their students on a reading journey through the storybooks, then engage the students with an activity-driven session using the appropriate lesson plan and resources for the students’ level.

The New Playground

3 x hardcopy books

Digital ebook

Foundation Lesson Plan and Resources

Grade 1–2 Lesson Plan and Resources

Patch and his friends wriggled and chatted with excitement as they waited to see their new school playground. Ms Stanley reminded all her students how important it was to think carefully and act kindly towards each other no matter how excited they were. But Charlie forgot that important message as soon as he entered the playground.

The New Playground - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 1
The Four Square Challenge - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 2

The Four Square Challenge

3 x hardcopy books

Digital ebook

Grade 3–4 Lesson Plan and Resources

Skye had a knot in her stomach as she headed out with Patch, Mei and Khaya for their final practice for the Four Square Time Challenge. She really wanted to win that afternoon’s final. But in one thoughtless moment, when nerves and frustration got the better of her, Skye made a big mistake that cost her a place in the afternoon challenge.

Footy Fever

3 x hardcopy books

Digital ebook

Grade 5–6 Lesson Plan and Resources

The Aussie Rules under-13 players in the Rockets and Sharks teams were each huddled together before the match as their coaches reminded them to enjoy the game and be good sports at all times. During some closely contested passages of play, Barney forgot that he was part of a team. He let his desire to be a hero cloud his judgement. One thoughtless act changed the end of Barney’s season.

Footy Fever - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 3
Act Kindly Activity Kit

Lesson Plans and Resources

A thoughtfully designed teacher-led program harnessing age-appropriate activities for teachers to use over one or multiple class periods.

Resources include activity sheets and role-play scenarios to support the learning. You will also receive a digital accreditation badge to share on your website or newsletter and a printable poster to display in the classroom.

The materials build on the characters’ experiences in the books to encourage students to explore feelings and emotions.

Students will explore how they relate to positive and negative actions and will make connections to the consequences of these actions.  

The stories are on point with the situations that arise in schools and the strategies used to resolve them.

Pauline Turnbull, Teacher
St. Joseph the Worker Primary School, Reservoir North

We are proud to help primary schools teach the Respectful Relationships curriculum and foster safe school environments.

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Act Kindly Activity Kit

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