Our Symbols

Be Wise Owl

A lot of people have asked about our Be Wise Owl and here is the story.

Shortly before Pat passed away, Pat and some of his mates were thinking about setting up a T-shirt business and they were all coming up with designs and Pat’s design was this owl.

Robyn has always loved owls and we have always had owls around our house – at one stage we had a family of owls living in a tree in a neighbours yard that overlooked our back yard. Pat was a smart (or wise) kid. Owls are known to be wise so it was a natural fit to adopt Pat’s owl as a symbol for the Pat Cronin Foundation.


This one is reasonably simple but there is still a story behind it.

PC are Pat’s initials and 12 was his jumper number at the Lower Plenty Football Club when he passed away. The day Pat died all of Pat’s Lower Plenty Football Club teammates put a simple post on their Facebook Pages of PC12 and this simple post has stuck.

That same week before the team played their next game, the club arranged for every playing jumper to have PC12 embroidered on the left hand side of the jumper above the heart of each player.

Be Wise PC12 wristbands

Pat’s brother Lucas came up with the idea of our wristbands as a way to raise funds for the foundation. Unbeknown to us, Lucas designed and paid for the first supply of wristbands in the Maroon and Yellow of the Lower Plenty Football Club.

When the wristbands arrived we took them to the football club and we sold out within an hour.

We have now sold over 10,000 wristbands and they have become a symbol to spread the word to Be Wise and to End the coward punch.