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An enduring connection to Pat Cronin

Owl Symbol – Pat Cronin Foundation

Be Wise Owl

Pat created the owl used in our Be Wise symbol shortly before he passed away. The design was part of a collaborative project with his mates to set up a t-shirt business featuring their own individual designs.

Pat’s Mum, Robyn has always had an affection for owls, and collected owl-themed decorations and items all around the home. There was even a family of owls that lived for a time in a tree that overlooked the Cronin’s backyard.

Pat was a smart kid, wise, like the owl. 

Our mission at the Pat Cronin Foundation is to help young people make wise decisions and so it was a natural fit to use Pat’s owl as a symbol for our organisation and the work that we do.


Pat was a talented footballer, a true team player who encouraged his mates and always gave his best on and off the field.

When Pat passed away his teammates at Lower Plenty Football Club put a simple post on their Facebook pages in honour of Pat—PC for his initials and 12 for his jumper number.

That same week, before the team played their next game, the club arranged for every playing jumper to have PC12 embroidered above the heart of each player. Since then, PC12 has stuck as a symbol for honouring Pat. 

PC12 Symbol – Pat Cronin Foundation Presenter

Be Wise PC12 wristbands

Pat’s brother Lucas designed and paid for the first supply of wristbands in the maroon and yellow colours of the Lower Plenty Football Club off his own back.

That first batch we took to Pat’s local club sold out within an hour.

Since then we have sold over 10,000 wristbands and they have become a symbol to spread the word to Be Wise and End the Coward Punch.

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