Our Presenters

Every member of our presentation team brings their own personal story and perspective to their presentations, as well as passion and commitment to delivering the Foundation’s message.

Aidan Phelan

With a background in education and assisting students with special needs, Aidan is a natural when it comes to engaging with young people in a classroom setting. Passionate about the Foundation and challenging “skewed ideals of masculinity”, he is of the firm belief that a significant shift in attitudes to violence is entirely possible by connecting with the current generation.

In his spare time, Aidan is also a keen scholar, history buff and artist, with an intense interest in the history of Australia’s bushrangers and the paths that led them to a life of violent crime. He curates a website on the topic, showcasing years of research, and has been closely involved in several books.

“Challenging stereotypes about masculinity and what it means to be ‘tough’, as well as entrenched beliefs relating to violence as the way to sort out problems, is important work. I believe the current generation of young people is receptive right now to change and new ideals.”   

Watch Aidan here.

Alan Latu

Alan is a seasoned public speaker, a respected sports coach, and an invaluable member of the Pat Cronin Foundation team.

He is deeply committed to teaching young people to think before impulsively acting on emotions, including anger. And, like all our speakers, he offers a distinct and valuable perspective to the role.

With a natural aptitude for coaching and mentoring, Alan is the Director of Rugby at Xavier College in Kew, Melbourne, and was recently appointed to the Board of Rugby Victoria. In addition, he has 400 games of rugby experience, five Dewar Shield Premierships and a stint in Spain.

“The work of the foundation in educating young people about the dangers of social violence – as well as the Coward Punch – aligns with my own strongly-held beliefs.“⁠

Peter Treseder

Peter, a highly trained and skilled presenter, spends a significant amount of time educating AustralianSuper members on the superannuation and age pension systems. But it’s not just his speaking skills that make him a valuable member of the Pat Cronin Foundation’s presenting team.

As a family friend of the Cronin’s for over 45 years, he witnessed the impact of Pat’s death firsthand, as well as the ripple effect of the cowardly attack throughout the community. Peter’s personal connection to Pat’s story gives him a unique and powerful perspective, which he shares when he speaks on behalf of the Foundation with skill and passion.

Matt and I were talking on the phone on the Thursday before Pat’s death, discussing how it would be the first time that he and Lucas would be playing in the seniors together. The connection I have with the Cronin family has meant that I have followed their tragic journey over the years, and I am keen to help them make the Foundation successful.

Rob Bailey

Rob brings a wealth of experience to the Foundation having served as a highly decorated Victorian policeman for almost 30 years achieving the rank of Chief Inspector. He also represented Australia serving with the United Nations for 12 months in Cyprus during the invasion of the island by Turkish forces. This invasion resulted in a full-scale war with the Australian contingent subjected to many life-threatening incidents.

These experiences have helped Rob in assisting police and Defence Force Veterans and their families as a volunteer peer support person with the Department of Veterans Affairs – and more generally in the community. Rob is an experienced presenter and has often featured in the media.

Stacey Dvorak

Stacey, a passionate presenter for the Pat Cronin Foundation, is deeply committed to guiding young individuals in thoughtful decision-making. Stacey story is nothing short of a triumph of the human spirit. Despite a childhood marred by trauma, poverty, and homelessness, Stacey refused to let her circumstances define her.

Stacey’s remarkable journey has been marked by her courageous decision-making, as she refused to be defined by her past or limited by her circumstances.

Through sheer grit and determination, she clawed her way out of poverty and built a life that is a shining example of what is possible when one refuses to be defeated.

With a wealth of lived experiences and street-smart wisdom, she empowers audiences to unlock their full potential. Stacey’s inspiring journey and powerful messages have made her a sought-after speaker, leaving a lasting impact on stages across Australia. Join her transformative presentations and embrace courageous choices for personal growth.

Raised in housing commission without a guiding figure, I’ve navigated through life’s trials and my own poor choices. But I’ve learned the power of the ‘two-choice game’—that every decision, no matter how small, shapes our path. I share my journey to inspire others, showing how one reckless choice shattered lives. By understanding the ripple effect, I strive to steer young people toward wiser decisions, honouring Pat Cronin’s legacy and preventing similar tragedies.

Watch Stacey here.

Steve O’Malley

Steve is a highly regarded member of the Pat Cronin Foundation team. He is a career firefighter with 31 years of experience, an ambassador for White Ribbon Australia, and an advocate for women’s health and safety, as well as the prevention of violence against women.

Steve’s background in anti-violence education and training, as well as his work in the community, make him a knowledgeable and skilled speaker for the Foundation’s Be Wise message.

Steve and his family have known the Cronin’s for decades, and Steve’s involvement with the Foundation is his way of reducing, if not eliminating, the risk of more deaths due to intentional acts of violence.

At home, he is a busy grandad who devotes much of his time to discussing gender equality, modelling respectful relationships, managing his own mental health, and listening to good music.

As a firefighter of 31 years, I have seen the best and worst of humanity, and the worst is usually by the hand of “some” men. I have dedicated much of the last 20 years to the prevention of gendered violence, and I’m acutely aware that whilst most of that work has been in the prevention of violence against women, men are in fact victims of violence and perpetrators of violence in numbers that are off the charts.

Warren Richards

Warren recently transitioned away from the financial services industry after a 20-year career, the last 5 of which he spent working with Matt Cronin at his financial planning practice.

Warren’s son Kane played football and cricket against Pat from age 10 to senior football, so the loss of Pat was very close to home for the Richards family. Warren’s personal connection to the Cronin family adds emotion and authenticity to his presentations, which always resonates with his audience.

Always actively involved in local sporting clubs—being a Life Member of the Greensborough Junior Football Club and Lower Eltham Cricket Club, Warren and his family have enjoyed countless seasons of active involvement both on and off the field, which has led to many close lifelong friendships.

“Having the opportunity to help educate people on the importance of striving to End the Coward Punch is a great honour and something I am most passionate about.”