Our Team and Board

Meet the people who bring our mission and purpose to life

Our presenters

Every member of our presentation team has a personal connection with Pat and the Cronin Family and brings passion and commitment to delivering the Foundation’s message.

Aidan Phelan
Alan Latu
Peter Treseder
Stacey Dvorak
Steve O’Malley
Warren Richards

Pat Cronin Foundation Team

Meet the team whose tireless efforts keep our Foundation running.

Geoff Smith,
General Manager
Steve Layt,
Partnerships Manager
Belinda Cerritelli,
Operations Manager
Nadine Curphey,
Education Development Manager
Amy Annetts,
Marketing Lead
Sharyn Noy,
Darren Grant,
Media Manager

Pat Cronin Foundation Board

Our board has been carefully created so that we are able to achieve the highest level of governance and professionalism for the Foundation.

Matt Cronin,
Chair (Founder)
Robyn Cronin,
Board Director (Founder)
Rick Atkinson,
Board Member
Liam O’Brien,
Board Member
David Hrovat,
Board Member
Anthony Guy,
Board Member
Michael Bishop,
Board Member