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Today, our Year 10 students had a powerful conversation about ending violence and the power of unity from the Pat Cronin Foundation.

They learned that violence is NEVER okay, and we’re taking a stand to end the Coward Punch.

Let’s keep this conversation going at home, empowering our future generation to make a difference and create a safer, kinder world.

Together, we can stand up against violence and stop more lives like Pat’s being lost too young.”

Immanuel Lutheran College

When we receive sentiments like this from schools we’ve visited, we’re reminded of how privileged we are to be providing the next generation of Australians with the tools to say no to violence.

The Foundation’s newest presenter, Peter Kennedy, has had an incredible start in delivering our first Violence is Never OK sessions in Queensland – proving the power of Pat’s story wherever it’s told.

Kicking off on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Peter was perhaps a touch underprepared for the reaction from students at Buderim’s Immanuel Lutheran College and Sunshine Coast Grammar School at Forest Glen.

“The reaction from the kids was quite intense,” said Peter.

“At the end of my first-ever presentation to about 250 kids at Sunshine Coast Grammar, I asked whether anybody wanted to come forward and collect a wristband – but only on the condition that they wear it and agree to share Pat’s story.

“I had so many come forward – including 30 male students who wanted to shake my hand – that I nearly ran out of bands.

“Two of the teachers also came up and said that they’d never seen the kids so attentive for anything.

“There was a similar response at Immanuel. Again, there were students coming up after the presentation and more comments about how engaged they were.”

Sunshine Coast Grammar Head of Year 10, Dan Robotham – who booked our visit to his school – said the presentation highlighted a “super important message”.

“We’re committed to assisting students deal with their emotions in a healthy way. Understanding anger and aggression and the ability to handle confrontation appropriately are vital skills,” he said.

Immanuel Lutheran College Director of Wellbeing Shaun Cleary said meanwhile: “At Immanuel, we emphasise that ‘the whole person is the whole point’.

“Our Life Skills program is designed to ensure students are provided unique opportunities for social and emotional learning, that both foster their own growth and help to shape their positive contribution to the world.

“We jumped at the opportunity to have the Foundation share important messaging about violence to our students, in a world where self-regulation, kindness, and accountability are increasingly required.”

Book a presentation today

With Peter based in Brisbane, we’re now taking ongoing bookings in southeast Queensland.

The Foundation offers two presentations – “Violence is Never Ok” as well as a follow-on session called “Rethinking Anger” as part of a comprehensive Prep-Year 12 Violence Prevention Education program. Schools can find out more here.

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