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A tear-out of a Bendigo Weekly article about the Pat Cronin Foundation

Now that we’re back out on the road, our visits to regional Victorian towns are receiving a great response – including a page 1 and 3 article in a lift-out of the Bendigo Weekly, above.

Our partnerships manager Steve Layt, pictured in the article, is currently negotiating with community groups about partnerships within the region.

We’re also booked in for a series of fully funded Be Wise educational presentations to local schools, teaching students about the dangers of coward punches.

Now more than ever, it’s vital that young people receive information about the consequences of social violence – and most importantly, the tools to make wise decisions.      

With efforts to expand the program right throughout the state, existing  partnerships from corporate sponsors – such the Barry Plant Real Estate Group  and  Le Pine Funerals make it all possible.

Le Pine regional managers Ash Crow and Andy Brown

Why support us?

According to Le Pine Funerals Regional Manager Andy Brown: “Working in the funeral industry, one of the toughest things we have to do is arrange a funeral for someone who lost their life because of something that could have been prevented.

“My team and I are heartbroken when we see lives cut short due to violence. We see the grief of their families, friends and loved ones firsthand, and I can tell you it never gets any easier.

“Many of our team members have kids of a similar age to Pat. Ordinarily you might think that his story is only something you only see on the news, but unfortunately our offices see it time and again.

“Sadly, there’s a lot of violence and tragedy about, which makes you appreciate your own family and coming home at the end of each day.”

Andy says that while Le Pine has been a keen supporter from the very start, it was when he had the opportunity to attend a Be Wise education session that he was inspired to do even more.        

 “The turning point for me was seeing a Be Wise awareness presentation by PCF director Matt Cronin to a football club.

“There were a lot of people really challenged by that presentation. I remember one fellow standing up and telling the room that what he had seen that night changed him significantly.”

Barry Plant Real Estate Group Executive director Mike McCarthy agrees: “It’s a simple message that has such a big impact.

“If we can stop just one incident then it will have all been worth it, but of course I think we could presume this will have far greater effect than that.”

The Barry Plant Real Estate Group takes part in the Be Wise Walk

Mike and his family have been regular participants in the Be Wise Walk, and last year organised a corporate team entry around the scenic Ruffey Lake Park, in Doncaster, Melbourne to help raise awareness for the cause as well as cash.

“What happened to Pat Cronin is such a heart-rending story. Being parents, as most of the Barry Plant franchisees are, is something we can all relate to.”

Similar to Le Pine, a Be Wise Presentation by the foundation to Barry Plant Group created a lasting impact on all those who attended.

A vote to support the foundation financially was unanimous.

“Our franchise office owners are very keen to support the message the foundation is delivering in schools and sports organisations, as it’s a way that we can give back to the community at a grassroots level,” says Mike.

Donating online is easy  

The Pat Cronin Foundation is dedicated to empowering young people never to use violence.  Find out more about partnership opportunities here. One-off or monthly contributions are also welcomed online. Click here to book a Be Wise presentation or email us at Be wise. Think carefully. Act kindly.

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