We are so excited to announce that we have added another member to our awesome Pat Cronin Foundation team! Welcome to the wonderful Steve Layt.⁠

Steve is joining the Foundation as a Partnership Manager. He will oversee sourcing new partners for the foundation as well as looking after our current relationships.⁠

Steve is a friend of the Cronin’s and has coached at the Lower Plenty Football Club which the Foundation and the Cronin’s are also involved in. Steve said “I see this as an opportunity to hopefully help Robyn, Matt and the current team to grow the foundation to a substantial level nationally and in turn be able to spread the Be Wise message even further. I also love helping people due to the coaching in me and I see this role as another way of helping.”⁠

Steve is also currently studying a diploma of counselling which will be completed alongside his role with the foundation.⁠

We are thrilled to have Steve on board. His expertise will be a great addition to the team and we have already been having weekly (virtual) meetings to work on some great new things for the Foundation!⁠