We need to start early to end social violence

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Next step: Children as young as five are set to learn that violence is never ok with the launch of the Act Kindly Activity Kit. 

Changing attitudes to social violence means starting education early, when children’s behaviours are only just forming.

The Pat Cronin Foundation is taking the next step in giving young Australians the tools to say no to violence.

With the official launch of the Prep-Grade 6 Act Kindly Activity Kit, schoolchildren as young as five are set to be taught that violence is never ok.

The kit’s easy-to-use, age-appropriate classroom resources feature:

  • Purpose-designed storybooks
  • Activities
  • Role playing
  • A centrepiece presentation developed specifically in response to demand from teachers

This kit is aligned to the national curriculum and has been piloted at a host of Melbourne schools with positive feedback.

See the story by the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

Why this kit should feature in every Australian school’s Respectful Relationships program

There’s no underestimating the power of storytelling to embed knowledge.

The new presentation, storybooks and activities showcased in the kit allow young minds to explore scenarios, analyse characters and draw connections between the narrative and real-world concepts.  

The materials are focussed on understanding anger and aggression, choices and consequences as well as offering the means to defuse conflict.

These are vital life skills they can carry way beyond the school gates.

The presentation has been adapted from the Foundation’s signature “Violence is Never OK” session, delivered to more than 70,000 students in over 400 high schools throughout Australia in 2023.

“Violence is Never OK – Primary Version” will be available face-to-face for grades 5 and 6 within the Greater Melbourne area initially before being taken on the road to all states. 

In the meantime, the presentation will be rolled out online nationally as part of the new kit.

The Activity Kit has been piloted at a range of Melbourne schools, including Our Lady Help of Christians – where it was officially launched.

Pat completed his primary schooling at Our Lady Help of Christians, which made the launch even more special.

Principal Mark Pinkerton says the kit has become a vital part of the school’s Respectful Relationships studies.

Often young students can be exposed to violent material unknowingly via their phones and any education to assist students in raising their concerns is invaluable.

The Activity Kit however has been especially helpful in generating conversations around the fact that violence is never the answer. Students are also taking those conversations back into their homes and the community.

Discover more about the Act Kindly Activity Kit

Find out more about the Act Kindly Activity Kit here.        

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