PCF Aims for a Be Wise Education Goal

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The Pat Cronin Foundation is aiming to reach 200 schools with their Be Wise Education Sessions in 2021.

With the the Foundation receiving funding from the Victorian Government in 2021 for Education Sessions, they are aiming high to visit at least 200 schools within the year.

So far in the first two terms of the school year, the Pat Cronin Foundation has visited 60 schools (and has presented 89 sessions to these schools). ⁠

Due to the lockdown in Term 2, the Foundation unfortunately had to cancel or postpone a lot of their school education sessions, meaning they need your support now more than ever.

If the Pat Cronin Foundation can meet their goal in 2021, there is a better chance of their Be Wise Education Sessions being fully funded in 2022, which is important if we are to End the Coward Punch.⁠

The Pat Cronin Foundation Be Wise Education Sessions are fully funded in 2021, so there is no cost to your school, club or group.⁠

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