Maryborough takes pro-active role in violence prevention

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A quote from Nick Weaver, the Maryborough Highland Society Sports Secretary

The Pat Cronin Foundation is set to take centre stage at a special event in the central Victorian township of Maryborough, as the community comes together in the wake of several incidents.

We’ve been called in to help raise awareness about the far-reaching impacts of violence, with the Maryborough Highland Society urging local businesses, sports associations and schools to attend a Be Wise presentation that the club has booked on Monday, March 28, 2022.

The Society, one of the largest entertainment venues in Maryborough, is taking a pro-active role in violence prevention and is ramping up its zero-tolerance stance on aggression.

It’s on a mission to get as many people along as possible to the session, which will kick off at 7.30pm.

“We’re right behind this event, and we’re seeking to get as many people along as we can,’’ says Society sports secretary Nick Weaver. “We’ve even printed off flyers to hand out throughout the town.”

Mr Weaver said several recent incidents in Maryborough had been triggers for the event.

Increase in aggression as COVID restrictions ease

Across the world, an increase in violence in public areas has been tipped to coincide with the easing of lockdown restrictions, due to pent-up aggression.

We’re hearing that story over and over as we get back out on the road, taking the Be Wise session right throughout Victoria.

“This presentation is going to touch many people, and for many, in a way they haven’t felt before,” said Mr Weaver.

“We’re hoping that if we reach a target audience of younger men then they will become advocates against aggressive behaviour when they’re at a licensed venue or even in the street.

“This is about protecting this community and ensuring it’s a safe place. That’s why we’re really pushing this event.”

Pat Cronin Foundation presenter Steve O’Malley 

Education key to changing attitudes

Foundation presenter Steve O’Malley, who’ll be speaking on the night says: “This is exactly where the Foundation can make a difference, and we’re looking forward to working with the community of Maryborough on this important issue.

“Understanding anger and aggression, and providing young people with an opportunity to deal with situations in a non-violent way are essential life skills.

“By presenting Pat’s story, and its tragic consequences, we can broaden people’s understanding of the dangers of social violence, and the Coward Punch, especially.”

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