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Hot on the heels of our highly successful Ride 2 Be Wise, two more passionate supporters are getting ready to stretch their limits of endurance to the extreme in the “Run 2 Be Wise”.    

Melbourne’s Jarrod Bloomfield, 38, and Evan Duryea, 48, are preparing for the Surf Coast Century  – a 100km race on foot through the coastal trails and beaches of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria on Saturday, September 16.

They’ve selected the Foundation as their personal charity within the event and are hoping to raise as much as $100,000.  

There’s plenty of ways for everyone to get involved, and get behind Jarrod and Evan:

  • For the month of September, we’re calling on jogging enthusiasts to join a “virtual run” we’ve set up on our Run 2 Be Wise MyCause page. Please get family and friends to sponsor your efforts as you clock your kilometres through a Strava account.
  • If running isn’t your thing, you can simply donate instead (All donations over $2 are tax deductible – and of course are very much appreciated).

A personal perspective

Inspired after listening to our director Matt Cronin speak at a Foundation presentation midway through 2022, Jarrod immediately knew he wanted to help out in any way he could.

He contacted mate Evan – and now they’re squaring off against the biggest physical challenge of their lives. Not one to do things by halves, Jarrod has also become the Surf Coast Century’s “Rookie Ambassador”.

With two young sons, Jarrod says the values of the Foundation resonated with him.

“One of the things I like about the Foundation is the education they offer schools. With two boys aged 12 and 13, it’s something I really value.

“Like many parents I’m concerned about the level of schoolyard violence that exists now generally.

“Because kids at that age don’t really understand the potential long-term impacts of violence, I see the work of the Foundation as becoming ever-more vital.”

According to Evan: “Unfortunately one stupid mistake or decision to get into a fight can lead to a lifetime of consequences for families.

“It’s horrendous. Anything we can do to get this generation of young people to not use violence is a positive thing.

“Programs such as those offered by the Foundation are very much needed.”   

You can watch a clip of Jarrod getting ready for the big run here.

How is it even possible to run 100km non-stop?   

According to Jarrod – who is now four months into his running training – six months is plenty of time to prepare for the epic ordeal ahead.

Mind you – and rather astonishingly – he’s been running as much as three hours a day, with his day begins at 5am for the first session.   

“I’ve had few problems with an old ankle injury – so I’m taking anti-inflammatories for that – but apart from that I haven’t encountered too many problems,” he says.

“I’ve done a couple of 40km runs to test myself. It seems to me that the last three hours of the 100km  will be the hardest part of the event by far.

“Mentally it will be very challenging. While the preparation has been a big commitment, the good thing I can eat as much and whatever I want, and I’m still losing weight.”  

Image supplied by Surf Coast Century      

The run: Fast facts

Jarrod and Evan will join around 500 competitors at the starting line at Anglesea before embarking on a spectacular journey below towering sea cliffs, along remote beaches (pictured) and through extensive wildlife hinterland.

  • In preparation for the event, Jarrod and Evan have each been running for about three hours a day
  • They expect to burn around 800 calories an hour during their ultramarathon
  • Jarrod expects the event to take him 12-15 hours, with the last three the most demanding mentally
  • Jarrod has only had six months of specific training behind him
  • He’s already lost 11kg and will try to lose a further 4-5kg from his 67kg frame
  • Evan is turning up the event prepared. He’ll be changing his shoes and socks every 25km to avoid getting “soggy” feet 
  • Part of the event will involve running through water, which Evans says will be a “challenge within itself”
  • He also estimates he’ll need to consume a litre of water and 50 grams of sugars for every hour of the run

Please get behind Jarrod and Evan    

Please donate to the cause or join our virtual run at Run 2 Be Wise. Get your family and friends to sponsor your efforts as you clock your kilometres through a Strava account. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on Jarrod and Evan’s progress.

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