Ben Nethercote teaches his sports team to Be Wise with Be Wise Wristbands

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Ben Nethercote (the winner of our merch competition last month) decided to use his voucher to buy some Be Wise wristbands for the boys Basketball team that he coaches.⁠
Ben told the Foundation:⁠

“We spoke about the Foundation and Pat’s story and how it can link to our values that we set as a team earlier in the season. ⁠

One value that we stand by is “what’s next”. It means to not get caught up emotionally on a play that just happened e.g. committing a foul or turnover, and to think positively by immediately moving onto and thinking about the next play and how you’ll play your role for the team. ⁠

This value of ours related well to the Lead By Example page on the Pat Cronin Foundation’s website, with the first point being to keep a positive attitude by thinking, acting and talking in an optimistic way. ⁠

It’s great that our team shares a similar value to the Foundation which really makes wearing the wristbands more meaningful as we represent both the foundation and our team values, and what we’re all about.”⁠

So great to see the Be Wise message spreading to young men in the local community.⁠

BeWisePC12 #EndtheCowardPunch⁠

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