Be Wise for Teachers

Violence impacts students both physically and psychologically, from injury to depression and potential suicide. School violence will also disrupt learning through fear and difficulty concentrating on work.

As well as ensuring the best learning environments for students, anti-violence messages explored in school will also equip students with strategies and tools for outside school both now and in the future.

The Pat Cronin Foundation encourages teachers to:

  • Informally share and discuss Pat’s story with students and colleagues
  • Formally share Pat’s story by:

Share and discuss Pat’s story with students and colleagues

Informally sharing Pat’s story with your students and colleagues is an effective way to involve the next generation in the conversation.

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Enquire about a Be Wise Presentation for your school

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Bring our Be Wise Classroom Resources into your school

Access our curriculum based Be Wise resources that are designed specifically for teachers to deliver in the classroom.

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Pat Cronin Foundation Documentary Screening at your school

Run a Pat Cronin Foundation Documentary screening for students, teachers and community.

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Using our (Primary school) Storybooks – Now available to purchase

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