The Cronin family, with 19-year-old Pat on the right.

Alarming Tally Drives Our Mission

Australia’s alarming tally of coward punch fatalities over the past 20 years makes the Pat Cronin story tragically all too common. The realisation however that if it could happen to Pat, it … Read more

Seated man holding head in hands

Counting the cost of violence

The Pat Cronin Foundation’s Ben O’Toole is one of the “lucky ones” when it comes to the roughly 3,000 cases of traumatic brain injury that occur in Australia each year. Amazing his … Read more

Family of four on the beach, looking out to sea

Helping your child cope with conflict

Our guide to helping your child cope with conflict Violence unfortunately is all around us. One of the fundamental roles of parenting is to equip children with ways to cope with situations … Read more