The Four Square Challenge Activities

Support Notes for Teachers, Parents and Carers

Explore Prior Experiences

Keeping in mind the message from the text, invite children to recount experiences of competitions or games in which they have participated.

Encourage them to discuss emotions that were stirred. Has something ever happened during a game to take the fun away?

Making Connections

Invite children to talk about the book. You may wish to use the following prompts:

Mr Ricardo has some special Four Square rules. Why do you think there needs to be rules when playing a game?
Skye was feeling uneasy through most of the story. Has there been a time when you felt like that?
Mr Ricardo drew attention to Skipper’s poster just before lunch. Apart from the students, who else should follow Skipper’s message?
Skye let her emotions get the better of her. What would you have done if you were in her position?
Think about the consequences Skye faced. How did you feel about her missing the Four Square Time Challenge?

Follow-up Activities

Have children rewrite pages 16 and 17 using a scenario that has no aggression.
Have children complete the following sentence. It’s important that there are consequences for inappropriate actions because…