Footy Fever Activities

Support Notes for Teachers, Parents and Carers

Explore Prior Experiences

Keeping in mind the message from the text, invite children to recount experiences of competitions or games in which they have participated.

Encourage them to discuss emotions that were stirred. What are some of the important things you need to remember while playing in a team sport?

Making Connections

Invite children to talk about the book. You may wish to use the following prompts:

When big groups of people gather together there are always different personalities. What different personalities did you notice amongst the main characters?
The Sharks’ coach used the word teamwork. What does the word mean and how can it be displayed?
A team leader or coach will often give instructions. What passages in the story hinted that Barney was not following his coach’s instructions?
A disrespectful action can often impact more than just one person. What characters in the story were impacted by Barney’s aggression?
There will always be consequences for aggressive behaviour. Do you believe the consequences Barney faced were appropriate?

Follow-up Activities

Have children write a passage outlining the importance of Ms Rule’s actions towards the end of the story.
Have children design and create a poster with a message about aggression or respect that could be displayed in schools or team meeting spaces.