Congratulations on securing your early bird access!

It’s exciting to know that you are one of our first schools to have your eBook access. Your hardcopy story books are also ready for your eager readers.

It’s time to get the stories in the hands of your young readers. Start by making the following books available for students in their classrooms:

The New Playground - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 1

Foundation & Grades 1–2

Password: respect123

The Four Square Challenge - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 2

Grades 3–4

Password: respect123

Footy Fever - Pat Cronin Foundation Story Book 3

Grades 5–6

Password: respect123

All books can nestle into the shelves of your library, to be enjoyed by all year levels, after the learning activities are complete or until you do more activities.

Before the in-class programs:

  • Start conversations about playground conflict and suggest the books during reading time.
  • Gather some real-life examples of conflict in your school’s playground.
  • Reflect on how your students will relate to the stories. Try to pre-empt any difficult conversations that might arise with your group of students—some children will be very sensitive to these topics.

What happens next?

Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources will be launched throughout Term 3, 2022.

  • When each lesson plan and resource kit is available, it will appear here and your school will receive an email notification.
  • Grade 5–6 materials will be launched first. The sooner we can engage pre-teens, the better equipped they’ll be during this key developmental stage.

Thank you for embarking on a Be Wise journey with your students. These important life skills will contribute to your students’ wellbeing and help build a safe school for all.

Pat Cronin Foundation - End the Coward Punch

Be Wise. Think Carefully. Act Kindly.