The Pat Cronin Foundation is  very excited to announce that they have been working behind the scenes with James Barden to create a limited edition Pat Cronin Foundation T-Shirt to raise awareness for International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD).⁠
James has a strong connection to the Foundation through knowing Pat and the Cronins from all being involved at the Lower Plenty Football Club. James reached out to us with his dream of creating a T-Shirt with his artwork on it. With his connection to the Foundation, we thought this would be a fabulous way to show off James’ artwork and raise awareness for IDPwD.⁠ James used the PCF owl logo, which is a design that was originally drawn by Pat, to create his artwork for the Tshirt – we personally think this is a pretty special collab!⁠
You can now pre-order the limited edition James Barden x PCF T-Shirts to support James, the Foundation and raise awareness for IDPwD. Click the link below to visit our website and purchase. T-Shirts are expected to be ready to ship end of November.⁠